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A Sri Lankan owned, pharmaceutical and healthcare products supply & distribution company incorporated and maintaining its head office in Sri Lanka.

Our Strengths

Having nearly a decade of pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare industry experience, as a division of another principal, we have established a highly professional medical fraternity in the market & have built our own island wide distribution chain through chemists, modern trade outlets, medical institutions and State Pharmaceutical Corporation outlets.

The great leadership & vision of our founder has given us a positive “Can Do” attitude and made us proactive with highest professionalism, to make noble efforts to deliver products that offer a healthy happy life to the end customers.

“Our Strengths are built on 5 pillars”

Regional Presence is our Short Term Goal

Our short term goals are aligned with our competitive advantage, which is to expand our presence within the Asian market.


We are nominated by 9 well-reputed Pharma principals from Bangladesh, India, Australia, Pakistan & Sri Lanka as their marketing partner. We are operational in Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar & Maldives, also having the aim to expand into other markets within the region.


We are in partnership with SK+F Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Biopharma Ltd., Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Nuvista Pharma of Bangladesh, Astron Ltd. of Sri Lanka, Highnoon Laboratories Ltd., Saffron Pharma of Pakistan and Adnova Healthcare of India, Elixar Australia Pty Ltd. of Australia with the goal of securing more during the next 2 years.


Continuously strive to improve the quality of our services rendered to the public and to be considered among the best in pharmaceutical supply & distribution business through dedication & commitment.

About Us

TRUVIC Private Ltd. was incorporated in Sri Lanka in February 2018 with the objective to marketing high-quality pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare products, which are offered at affordable prices to the general public in Sri Lanka and other Asian countries. Driven by the visionary leadership of its founder Palitha Thenuwara, and backed by its core management team & entire staff, TruVic was able to reach the hearts of millions of people through its very own ever-growing supply and distribution network within the time of 3 months.

Quote from MD/CEO

“Pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare products are basic needs for healthy living. We strive with passion to fulfil this need complying to International Standards of product quality, procurement, warehousing and logistics while maintaining ethical business relationships with all our stakeholders within the medical fraternity and chemists”.

Palitha Thenuwara – Managing Director / CEO of TRUVIC


International Recognition

Within 3 months of incorporation, TRUVIC was nominated as the marketing & distribution partner for Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar and Maldives by 5 pharma principals from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India.

Fastest growing molecular drugs in Sri Lankan Market

TruVic's own SITAVIC (Sitagliptin)/EMPAVIC (Empagliflozin)/ LINAVIC (Linagliptin)/ ESORAL (Esomeprazole) have secured their place in the Sri Lankan market as the fastest growing pharmaceutical products.

9 principals within 6 months!

Truvic Sri Lanka secured 9 internationally recognized principals within just 6 months from incorporation owing to TruVic team's exceptional track record of going above and beyond the highest expectations.

Our Marketing & Distribution Network

Our established network of reputed principals, logistics partners and distributors from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are the key in upholding our promise to the customers, which is to continuously deliver the highest standard consumer healthcare products that are offered at an ethical price.









Our Supply Partners

SK+F Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Biopharma Ltd., Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Nuvista Pharma of Bangladesh, Astron Ltd. of Sri Lanka, Highnoon Laboratories Ltd., Saffron Pharma of Pakistan, Adnova Healthcare of India and Elixar Australia Pty Ltd. of Australia are our supply partners as at present. We are currently negotiating with a well reputed Australian principal in order to obtain marketing and distribution rights to their esteemed line.