About Us

Our Initiative

TRUVIC Private Ltd. was incorporated in Sri Lanka in February 2018 with the objective of marketing high-quality pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare products, which are offered at affordable prices to the general public in Sri Lanka and other Asian countries.

Driven by the visionary leadership of its founder Palitha Thenuwara, and backed by its core management team and entire staff, TruVic was able to reach the hearts of millions of people through its very own ever-growing supply and distribution network within the time of 3 months.

The company is strengthened by its partnerships with pharmaceutical industry leaders in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan Australia & Sri Lanka and other principals around the world.

Our Strengths

TruVic’s team has been in marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare products for nearly a decade, where we functioned under a different name as a distributor for an acclaimed principal manufacturer. During this period of time, we have been able to establish a highly professional, ethical, and friendly relationship with the medical fraternity in our markets. We have also created a huge bank of goodwill with practicing doctors

We have built our own island wide distribution chain of supplying over 2500 outlets such as chemists, modern trade outlets, medical institutions and State Pharmaceutical Corporation outlets.

During the past decade, we have built a great team of over achieving field staff through a careful process of diligent recruitment and training. We offer continuous motivation and professional education on the latest products in an ever growing Industry while our culture inculcates positive attitudes and values. TruVic considers our employees to be an invaluable asset, which is a main contributor to the growth of the company.

The great leadership of our founder is the guiding force that directs our core Management Team to maintain the highest professionalism. Their wealth of industry expertise and knowledge coupled with the “Can Do” attitude that’s passed down through our founder acts as the guiding force behind other staff members. The management continuously push the bar of performance up in their thrust for excellence.

Our continuous service rendered towards the betterment of the lives of consumers fuel us deliver exceptional results and persevere to grow bigger and better.
Our Awesome Team at TRUVIC

Our Awesome Team at TRUVIC

Lead by example and great leadership with a clear vision for the future, TRUVIC has created a very rewarding workplace for the young talent.

Our Vision

To achieve recognition as one of the best pharmaceuticals and healthcare suppliers and marketers in the Asian region.

Our Mission

Assuring products reach end-users in best condition by adhering to best practices in procurement and marketing while maintaining ethical and friendly relationships with medical fraternity and chemists.